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We are a group of people brought together by destiny, our love for the ocean and our enormous respect for the sea life within. We're no big marina with dozens of boats and lots of people hawking our trips as many do in Cancun and the Riviera Maya, we provide a unique fishing experience in a tranquil atmosphere - aboard well- equipped boats, where you are not treated as one of many, but as an individual.

We are located in Puerto Morelos, Mexico; midway between Cancun and Playa del Carmen, about a 25 minute drive. Directly in front of Puerto Morelos about 500 meters from shore, is the second largest coral reef in the world; which runs from Puerto Morelos to Belize. Puerto Morelos is a favorite of fishermen because the game fish love the drop off on the other side of the reef, so instead of taking a good piece of your fishing time to get to the "good" fishing areas, it's just minutes away.

Looking for a place to stay in Puerto Morelos we can help with that. Want to eat the fish you caught? We can arrange for a Professional Chef to prepare your fish just the way you like it!

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Kathy Loretta
Puerto Morelos Mx.

Land line phoneDialing from the USAVonage; call me in Mexico by dialing this USA phone number.  (303)325-3986
Land line phoneDialing from Mexico  (998)848-8819
Cell PhoneDialing from the USA  011-52-045-(998)201-9805
Cell PhoneDialing from Mexico  044-(998)201-9805

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